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This website is one of the initiatives of the Friends of Caroline Chisholm. The group exists in order to promote knowledge and appreciation of the life and works of Caroline Chisholm (1808-1877) and to ensure her life of heroic virtue is better understood and imitated. To read and print the Friends’ specific objectives and undertakings, go to Friends of Caroline Chisholm.

Printing and distribution of the Prayer Card is another initiative of the Friends, as is the twice-yearly Newsletter. See the other pages on this website for more details about them. The progress of many specific objectives and undertakings is dependent on more volunteers coming forward. Those with an interest in contributing in some way, whether in their own communities or through involvement in the group itself, are encouraged to contact the Friends. Stories for the Newsletter or suggested material for the website are especially welcome. See Contact form below.

If you would like to order a stock of prayer cards for a school, parish or other group, here are the costs for supply and delivery. Prayer Cards Supply.

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We are in a position to respond to enquiries about the website and other objectives of the Friends. Unfortunately, we cannot provide help to students completing school projects.

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