Prayer Cards

The approved prayer for Caroline Chisholm’s intercession and her progress to sainthood is set out below. The / marks a suggested pause when the prayer is said aloud.

We thank you, most loving and merciful God, / for the admirable life of Caroline Chisholm, / who heard your call in youth and responded as a woman of patient, energetic faith. / With the support of her husband Archibald and her children, / she assisted people in need, irrespective of their country or creed, by social reforms and charitable work, / especially re-uniting families, protecting vulnerable girls, placing the unemployed in gainful work / and achieving improvements for poor emigrants.
According to your providential will, may we receive the favors we ask through her intercession, [mention here your intention]/ and may her heroic virtue be recognized and her example followed throughout the world, / leading the Church to number her among your saints. Amen.

Individuals may obtain five prayer cards by writing to “Prayer Cards, GPO Box 2171, Sydney. NSW. 2001” and enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Schools, parishes and apostolic groups wanting a larger number may use the order form, click here Order Form.

The prayer addresses and thanks our Creator for Caroline Chisholm’s admirable life and restates some of her Christian achievements. It concludes with two requests: if it is the divine will, may we receive “the favors we ask through her intercession” and that her heroic virtue be recognized and her example followed. Catholics believe in the intercession of the saints. At the core of that belief must be an understanding that favors received through the saints interceding with God on our behalf and at our request are due solely and entirely to God’s saving actions, not to any independent power of the sanctified.

The Catholic Church has a well-defined approach to discernment and assessment of claims made in relation to martyrdom for the faith, heroic virtue and other desirable qualities shown by individual Catholics during their lifetime. Reliance on the guidance of the Holy Spirit is paramount in the lead-up to the commencement of a Cause and throughout the official processes. Saint making document.

Making Pilgrimages to significant places associated with Caroline Chisholm is evidence of what in Latin is technically termed “cultus”. The faithful hold her in their memory and venerate her by travelling to and praying at her graveside, for example, and by walking as pilgrims to the locations where she lived and worked, remembering her faith and good example and seeking to emulate them. Read more.